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Europe’s newest country, Kosovo is a fascinating land at the heart of the Balkans, rewarding visitors with welcoming smiles, charming mountain towns, incredible hiking opportunities, and 13th-century domed monasteries brushed in medieval art.

Tourism in Kosovo is characterized by its archaeological heritage from Illyrian, Dardanian, Roman, Byzantine, Serbian, and Ottoman times; traditional Albanian and Serbian cuisine; architecture; religious heritage and traditions; and natural landscapes.

Kosovo is a newly formed country, with its tourism sector growing more and more every year, and it’s perfectly wonderful to travel here. Despite the growing sector, Kosovo remains one of the last truly off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe. It is certain that the country has lots to offer, especially to more curious and adventurous visitors.

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Elite DMC is the B2B (Business to Business) specialized to deliver to International partners dedicated purchased hospitality products. We do offer special accommodation contracts, round trips, theme tours, excursion and experiences, transfer services, shore excursions, Luxury programs, MICE and many other land services throughout Eastern Europe, the Balkans countries and Albania.


Leisure, Sun & beach, mainstream leisure business is at the core of our organization. We have a full inventory of special agreements with accommodation units and hosts. Different price types from FIT, allotment to guarantee travel. Also, we have a full database of transportation vehicles, drivers and logistics, followed by endless experiences and land activities. 

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We’re experienced in organizing special interest groups. From sports, architecture, landscape guide and historical groups to government technical groups. Also, our operators have the expertise to handle tailored requests with professionalism.


Our MICE service combines industry expertise with innovative ideas and creative thinking. We work with trusted suppliers to provide excellent hospitality service options for large groups during busy periods.

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