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Excursions in Albania

North, east, south or west of Albania. Whether you love to go in high hills or close to the shore, we have it all. We do offer enjoyable Daily Trips and Excursions for all individuals to join and groups that want to experience something different during their excursions in Albania. 

Excursions in Albania are a kind of multidimensional experience. Our excursions start from visiting ancient sites of the country such as places in Butrint, Shkodra, Durrës, Apollonia to natural gems found in and around Saranda, Vlorë, Ulcijn, Gjirokastër, Përmet, Shëngjin, Kruja, etc. 

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Albania is one of the Balkans’ countries located southwest of the Balkan peninsula. Albania has long been a Mediterranean European enigma that has now opened up to a much larger field of tourism happenings than it did years ago.
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