Work + Vacation = Workation

Work from Anywhere

If you can work from anywhere,
why not from somewhere extraordinary?

The ability to reinvent your workplace is the premise Workation is built upon. We select the most inspiring vacation destinations in Europe; places that provide the ideal work-life balance, boosting your productivity and well-being in countless ways.

Workation gets you out of your comfort zone,
yet with all the comforts of home!

Recent world events have accelerated the evolution of the work-from-anywhere culture. We are experts in setting up productive environments in beautiful destinations. We will help you transform your everyday routine into the working vacation of your dreams. Contact us to arrange everything you need and any place you want to locate yourself, while working, in the whole European Continent. 

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Workation Advantages

Going on a workation can be a brilliant idea. Workations can have lots of benefits, from helping workers to relax to increasing the quality of their output. Here are the main benefits of a workation:

Increased productivity

A person can be more productive for two main reasons. The first is that they do not have many of their home commitments- no/fewer chores to do, no unexpected visits from friends and family, no daily commute.

Secondly, we often have fewer distractions when on workation. There are no colleagues knocking on the office door and no extended lunch breaks with friends.

Enhanced quality

Workations can also help to improve the quality of work. When people have less distractions, less pressure and are more relaxed they produce better work.

There is a reason that people go away on writing retreats! 

Increased creativity

People can also be more creative while on workation. Again, this is because there are less distractions.

Many people claim that being amongst nature can help to enhance creativity. It is for this reason that rural tourism areas are often popular workation bases.

Improved staff retention

When people are happy at work they are less likely to leave.

It is proved that when staff are happy and healthy, they are less likely to quit their jobs. This goes for digital nomads, the self-employed, and those who are employed by an organization. 

Improved staff retention saves companies money on recruitment and training. It also enables employees to undertake staff development to make them even more productive and successful at what they do.

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