Tips for Travel Like a Pro

Traveling somewhere?
Check out these travel hacks to plan, pack, and go on holiday like a pro.

Travel insurance

When traveling to other country, everything can happen. Travel insurance is more than covering your personal things if they get stolen. The most important is your health, and if you get sick or injured during your trip, travel insurance comes to cover your back.
There are plenty of travel insurance companies you can check out. If you’re traveling in the Balkans, I recommend checking out our page.

Carry a water bottle with you

While you’re out exploring a new place, it’s easier to become dehydrated. You will often forget to drink water. So, keep a water bottle with you everywhere you go. This will also reduce your spending. Buying a bottle of water each time can add more cost to your budget.

Apps coming handy


Wallet app, transport and airline apps are the best thing to use when travel. These will reduce paper and come as handy for detail-keeping, etc. This way is much easier for you to get rid of more papers. Bu, in the of your personal documents, I recommend having printed copies for your serenity.


You should think that wearing the same clothes during your travel away is nothing wrong with that. Chances are, if you carry much of your clothes, you won’t wear half of what you packed. Bring only what is essential to you for the trip. Pack neutral clothes that match with each other, and pack a small gear of detergents to wash them. Pack light baggage. Also, take a travel jacket with you. You never know how temperatures may vary at night.

Essentials in your hand luggage

First, make sure your passport, ID, and travel booking copies. Second, put into your carry-on bag small things like underwear, a spare change of clothes, money, a phone charger, headphones, a tablet, first aid items, and so on.

Handy portable battery pack and power adapter 

To keep your phone, tablet, and other electronics you might use, a portable battery will be the best thing to have with you. While an international power adapter will give you access to use your laptop in the country, you’re going to travel. Check the country first and be sure what sort of plug in is used there, and take the appropriate before you get on board.


Learn few words 

Learning a little of the local language is always important. If you want to immerse into the local life and learn the culture, knowing a couple of words goes a long way. This will make possible for you to experience closely the history and the life that develops within the country. It helps you with local interaction, meaning that you have more chances to find places and adventures that you can’t achieve otherwise. In some countries, knowing a few words, you can even get better prices when shopping.


Take some time and do research about the currency of the country where you’re planning to travel. Read newspapers, economic articles, or just type e.g., “Albanian currency” on the web and check information about the money they use, transaction rates, ATM transaction fee, etc. You don’t want to find yourself in difficult circumstances or even remain without cash when you’re are already there. So, better prepare yourself in advance, and make a list of your overall expenses including an extra amount for emergencies.


Final Thought

These are the main things that you need to make sure you do before and during your planned travel. Wherever the country is, these travel hacks are basic for everyone to follow. But it doesn’t mean that can’t include additional. This is up to you. Be wise though, your time there might end up tiresome.


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