Best Beaches in Albania

Albanian and its beaches are an experience that makes you fall in love!

Albanian Riviera – Riviera Shqiptare

Albanian Riviera (Riviera Shqiptare), is the country’s coastline along the North-eastern Ionian Sea in the Mediterranean Sea. The Albanian Riviera encompasses the District of Sarandë (Sarandë) and Vlora, found in the Southwestern part of the country.

This part of the Albanian Coast is one of the most popular spots in Europe. There is an abundance of stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and shiny waters accom-panied by delicious local cuisine that has taken its place at the top of the world must-see travel list. Albanian Riviera and its beaches are an experience that makes you fall in love!

Best beaches of Albanian Riviera

Mirror beach – Plazhi i Pasqyrave

Mirror (pasqyrë) Beach is known about its crystal-clear water that seems like a mirror as the sun reflects into it. That’s why it is called mirror beach, or as locals call it – the beach of mirrors (plazhi i pasqyrave).
Mirror beach is located between Saranda and Ksamil, and is isolated by rock for-mations and scenic green surroundings. People rate it as highly beautiful natural attraction.
To get there, you can take the bus from Saranda. Once you arrive at Plazhi i Pasqyrave bus stop, walk to the beach in about 15 minutes downhill.



Ksamil mainland has a white sandy beach meeting with three nearby islands. The crystal waters of the beach are absolutely stunning. The color-clear waters stream alongside a long sandy beach that is made up of many coves that wrap around the ragged landscape.
Ksamil is a village 20 km away from Saranda and very close to Corfu, Greece. The Islands nearby are uninhabited, with two of them positioned so close that you can swim right out to them from the mainland beach of Ksamil.


Pulëbardha (seagull) beach

Another hidden gem of the Albanian Riviera is Pulëbardha Beach. The beach is a narrow coastline squeezed between the rock and the turquoise waters of the Io-nian Sea. From the rock on the top, you have can enjoy the most spectacular views at the beach on one side and the shore of Saranda on the other side.

Summer morning sea coast (near Pulebardha beach, Saranda, Albania).


Grama Bay

This is the most secluded and hardly accessed beach of the Albanian Riviera. You need to walk around 8 hours to get there or reach on by boat. Grama Bay it’s a newly discovered beach located in Karaburun National Park, and a great option for tourists. It makes one of the most incredible looking beaches.


Palasa Beach

Descending the scenic LLogara Pass, the first beach that welcomes you is Palasa Beach. A glorious stretch of white sand spread with a handful of low-key local eateries. Palasa remains the perfect spot for beach bums wanting to avoid crowds, camp alone on the beach and swim in primeval waters.



Jala beach is known about its profound azure colors. The beach is nestled in the Albanian Riviera and is a secluded-like one. Hills covered in olive groves surround Jala. The beach is a great location for snorkeling, swimming, diving or taking a boat trip.


Livadhi (meadow) beach

Livadhi beach is large and placed within the municipality of Himara. Located right down the hill from the old town of Himara Fshat, the beach is popular for its natu-ral sand and scenic surroundings. On the top of the hills, there is the castle of Himara towards which you can do some hiking, including hike to Jala beach in the north.
Livadhi beach is a white stone beach, long and wide, and great for swimming.



Located in front of the town Borsh, this beach is the largest one on the Albanian Riviera. Stretched over a length of about 7 km, surrounded by green fields and mountains, Borsh beach is characterized by a quietly peaceful environment.
Despite its significant community and olive-oil production popularity, Borsh is barely touched by the tourism and is littler backed by few stopgap restaurants and bars.
Borsh beach has an authentic and natural environment with clean waters that vi-brate under the amazing view of the Ionian Sea. You can experience the most beautiful sunset after a day full of swimming activities.



The beach is quiet and somewhat unusual, with a river running from above and dividing the pebbly white shore of Bunec. The river runs from the mountains that seclude the beach while it’s comforted by the sea waves and cosmic silence. Bunec beach is located away from any town, in a remote area, and it offers you a scenic view of the hills that surround it. Something that few of Albanians know: the word bunec derives from Latin and is used in the language of the Albanian Vlach population. Bunec in the Vlach language means the beauties and virtues gathered together into a one. [bonus = buono / Vlach, bunë = (blessing) the good as a virtue]


Gjipe Beach tops many lists of best beaches and is not without a reason. The vir-gin beach is quietly located in the natural environment of the Gjipe Canyon, away from any town. To get to Gjipe Beach, you need to take a bit of a hike from the nearby parking lot for about 25 minutes, but it’s well worth the effort to reach this paradise.


Adriatic Sea coast

The Adriatic beaches are sandy with low waters, making them suitable for family holidays. The main beaches are those of Velipoja, Shën Gjin, Durrës, Golem, Spille, Divjakë, Vlorë, among others. This part of the Albanian coastline is full of natural ecosystems and rich in lagoons. Adriatic coastline provides wonderful op-portunities for those who’re enthusiastic about the study and observation of birds, as well as those who are interested in ecotourism.

Best beaches of the Adriatic Albania

Durrës & Golem

The beach of Durrës, is located only 39 km from Tirana and is largest and most visited beach in the country. It’s always crowded, and it offers a great and color-ful cuisine. Sea depth increases gradually, meaning the beach is safe for families and children. Durres is the second largest city in Albania and hosts the main port of the country.

Golem beach is located southern of Durrës. Nearby you can find also Mali Robit that is another beautiful sandy shore. Here, the and is white and the sea is filled with crystal waters. There are also some natural monuments, opportunities for walks, or fun with water sports.


Shëngjin (“Saint” Shën Gjini)

The beach of Shëngjin is another sandy beach near the Lezha district, located 8 km from the historic city of Lezha. Known for its sand and the fact that here you will find the Sun in 300 days of the year. A very populated area, especially in summer, the Shëngjin area is popular throughout Albania for both the sea and its famous cuisine.


Velipoja beach is the northernmost beach of the country, located 22 km from the city of Shkodra and is one of the favorite destinations for those who love the sea. The beach is characterized by 14 km of coastline which is rich in iodine. A place loved by those who want to practice water sports.


Rana e Hedhun

In the north of Shëngjin, there is a wonderful beach called ‘Rana e Hedhun’, which is well protected from the winds of that area. This beach is called in this way because of its high hills overlooking the sea and covered with sand. Rana e Hedhun means Thrown Sand. The beach has the most scenic hills found around Shëngjin, is wide and long while filled with white sand and washed by a blueish sea.

Vlora hosts the second largest port in the country and is one of the Albanian most known centers of tourism. Its beach is one of the most popular in the district of Vlora, especially because it is as center to those who want to dive into the small and rocky beaches of Vlora Bay or visit the port of Orikum.

Gjiri i Lalzit

One of the most attractive beaches of the Albanian Adriatic coast is the Gulf of Lalzi in the north of Durres. Pure crystal water, fine sand and a dense pine forest make this place suitable for those who want to relax in the sea. The beach is only 25 kilometers from the capital of Tirana and is easily accessible.


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