Europe Travel Packing List

Travel often can be difficult, apart from taking your documents with your backpacking is important too. I’m writing this Europe travel packing list hoping that’s for help from you.
When I remember my first travel in Scotland, the UK, I made the mistake of packing to weigh too much gear and the travel became quickly tiresome. So, I thought that writing about a packing list will help others before they travel – especially for beginners. Try to prepare yourself before what you need to bring with you while traveling in Europe. Pack what is essential for your time away, and your travel will be more enjoyable.

Personal Items & Toiletries

First, personal items are those things that you will need everywhere around Europe, also while moving on the way you’ll need them. Have with you only what’s essential, don’t overdo with your backpacking.


Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant razor &. Pack liquids in sealable plastic small bags to avoid leaks.

Wet Wipes: Travel-sized stain remover wipes for getting rid of spots.

Washcloth: Many European hotels do not provide washcloths. I can say that you’ll find many shops nearby that sell something like this easy-drying microfiber travel washcloth. However, if you prefer to bring your own one with you, it makes things easier.

Tissues: Pop one or two small pouches in your carry-on or handbag. Place them to be easily accessible.

Earplugs & eye mask: Sleeping on trains/planes/buses/hostels isn’t always easy, so consider packing an eye mask. Earplugs are nice too (especially if there is someone who snores in your room), they are comfortable for sleeping.

First Aid Items: Antiseptic wipes & Band-Aids.

Medications: Bring any medications in their original containers. If you check your suitcase, bring them with you on your carry-on while you travel.

Glasses & Sunglasses in a protected case.

Water bottle: A basic water bottle works well. Don’t exaggerate with its size small one is perfect.


I will recommend carrying with you 5 unique combination of tops such as short sleeves, long sleeves, and shirts/blouses. Combine the colors as you like.

It’s good to have with you 2 pairs of handy, such as lightweight trousers and a pair of jeans. However, this is up to you. Perhaps you’re a rockstar, two pairs of jeans are as perfect.

Warm Layers
Because the temperature may change drastically, is good to have with you a button-down cardigan and a pullover sweater or lightweight fleece. 

Socks & Underwear
A week’s worth. Lighter fabrics, such as synthetic blends, dry quicker than cotton.

Comfortable T-shirts and elastic pants can be used as pajamas or loungewear.

Bring a lightweight waterproof jacket.

Scarf or Tie
To add a splash of color, transition from day to night, or achieve a more polished appearance in an instant. A bright color or a pleasant texture is a great way to liven up neutral layers.

Maximum of 2-3 pairs One pair of comfortable closed-toe walking shoes and one pair of flat sandals or an alternate closed-toe shoe. Bring along a pair of flip-flops to wear in your hotel room.

Kindle or Tablet are awesome choices to computers, permitting you to do everything from browsing the web (when a Wi-Fi association is accessible) to perusing books, etc.

Remote Connector is the correct sort of adapter for the country you’re going to, so you’ll utilize your hardware abroad. Batteries & Chargers are also useful. Or consider an all-inclusive travel charger to charge numerous things at once. 

Digital Camera, Charger, and Memory Card.

In case you choose to bring an extra camera on an excursion, be beyond any doubt you’ll feel comfortable carrying it around with you all day. And don’t disregard the memory card and batteries/charger!
Cell Phone & Charger will not work exterior the US unless worldwide benefit has been enacted through your supplier. Be beyond any doubt that fees abroad can be very expensive. Prepare alternative ways. 

Money Matters When Traveling
Debit & Credit Card of your bank is requested to pay a transaction fee in Europe. Make sure you have enough funds into your card, charge your account with some extra credits. Have them as for emergencies.

Don’t Forget to bring with you – A List!
• Your Personal & Travel Documents
• Water Bottle
• Address List
• Sunscreen & Insect Repellant
• Sunhat
• Umbrella
• Book
• Foldable Tote Bag


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